FREE moving truck rental!

Are you ready to move in to your storage unit but not sure how you're going to move all of your items? We'll were here to tell you the best solution, renting a moving truck! Now you may be wondering, won't this be expensive? Well occasionally they are, depending on where you go. But if you rent with us, you're going to get very special deal. We're offering a FREE moving truck rental to every customer who rents a self-storage unit with us!* What's better than that? No longer do you have to worry about high prices on self-storage units and moving truck rentals. When choosing us, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting the lowest prices on self-storage all while getting our FREE truck rental!

Sounds great, how does it work?

Here at A Space Place Storage we want to make sure that you have the most hassle free experience and that's why we're giving our customers our newest and best deal ever. When renting a storage unit (Size 10x10 and above) the moving truck will be provided in the form of a voucher which can be used with companies like Budget, U-Haul, Ryder, or another truck provider of customer's choice. The amount of the voucher is based on the size of the storage unit and can be checked on our prices page. Each voucher has a minimum of a $40 value and can range up to $70! How perfect is that! We're proud to offer this free moving truck for our new customers to make sure that their self-storage experience is the best one they've ever had. So if you're ready to receive your FREE moving truck rental, then reserve your unit now on our reservation page or call us today!

"I have an indoor unit, and the combination of the free truck rental and sturdy hand carts made it extremely easy to transfer my things from home to the unit." - Pete, Bayport NY

Which size truck should I choose?

If you're going long distance, then you should opt for the larger 16 foot truck. This truck is best for big trips, as the increased trailer size of the 16 foot moving truck rental means you can fit more cargo within it. This is preferable, as we're sure that you want to make as few long distance trips as possible. That's the whole idea of moving truck rentals, to save time and money! You should also consider moving van rental! These low cost moving van rentals are useful for smaller scale moves. Are you only moving one thing, like a lawnmower or big screen T.V.? Don't try and squeeze it into your car when we have low cost moving van rentals available! By booking a moving van rental, you can eliminate a lot of headaches and stress. Moving van rentals are especially great for those who live in the city, and might not have regular access to a vehicle. And the best part of moving van rentals? Low cost moving van rentals make quick transport easy, and moving van rentals are always cheap!

"The truck handled great for its size! My kids had a blast loading up our stuff and taking the trip. And I got some helpers out of it!" - Darryl, Smithtown NY

*Terms and conditions - To receive voucher you must rent a unit of size 10x10 or greater. Voucher value is $40 for a 10x10, $50 for a 10x15, $60 for a 10x20, $70 for all units' sizes 10x25 and up!