Converting Rooms In Your Home

When you buy a house you usually have some general idea of what your ideal layout will be. You know what will be your bedroom, office, workout room, etc. But what about when things change? What if you have a kid, or a second kid and now suddenly need extra room. You could buy a new house and start all over again, or you can convert some of the rooms in you house to fit your new needs. Continue reading Converting Rooms In Your Home


Working from Home

Working can home can be a blessing and a curse, on the one hand you can get comfortable and be at home all day, on the other hand you can get too comfortable and be stuck at home all day. For people who don’t work from home it can be a jarring transition if you suddenly have to. It’s important to make a clear distinction between home and work to help your productivity and actually get work done. Here are some tips on the best way to make sure that work is work even when at home.

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Is the Computer Age Hurting the Hobby of Collecting?

Computers are arguably one of the most impactful inventions of the 20th and 21st century. They allow us to connect with the world and do things that had previously been thought not possible. Computers also allow us to store an unbelievable amount of information in a very small amount of space. Things that required physical forms before can now be downloaded in a few minutes or seconds. People don’t need to buy things like CDs, books, movies or comics at a physical store. But what does this mean for the collectors? Continue reading Is the Computer Age Hurting the Hobby of Collecting?


A New Year, A New You

2015 is right on the horizon, which means it’s time to start considering New Year’s resolutions, and various positives changes, you wish to accomplish within the next year, or at least begin working towards. While according to The United States Government some of this year’s most popular resolutions include endeavors like, “lose weight,” “quit smoking” and “get a better job,” there are even more great resolutions you can plan for yourself for the upcoming year. Continue reading A New Year, A New You

Keep Your Belongings Safe While You’re Away

A lot of people go away for the winter, especially here on Long Island, it’s a good way to avoid the cold weather and having to shovel snow. If you’re going away for the winter or even just for the holidays just remember Home Alone wasn’t wrong when they said more break ins occur during the holidays than any other time of year. Criminals use the fact that most people go away to their advantage when scoping out places to hit for the holidays. If you’re going away this winter you might want to consider keeping your valuables somewhere else, like in a storage unit!

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