24/7 Storage, access your belongings when you need to

Do you often work late? Don't think self-storage is a viable option because it will be closed by the time you get out of work? We'll we've got the ultimate solution for you. Here at A Space Place Storage, we know that you have other obligations and that's why we don't hold your belongings hostage. Most of customers aren't able to make it here during our typical business hours, but we do have the solution for you. First off, A Space Place Storage offers 24/7 access to your storage unit, so you can access your belongings at any time! Whether day or night, you can rest assured knowing that you're belongings are safe and sound. Not only that, but they're ready to be accessed. We're proud to offer our customer these unique aspects that other storage facilities don't.

Rent a unit, ANYTIME!

Not only do we offer 24/7 access to your storage unit, we also offer something else that is truly unique. A Space Place Storage offers a self-service kiosk for all of your self-storage needs. With this kiosk you can not only have the ability to rent a unit but you can even make a payment on an existing lease. And to think, all of this being offered outside of our usual business hours! Our customers are constantly telling us that our kiosk allows them a stress-free experience because they don't have to rush to get here during business hours. By choosing us, you know that you're getting a stress-free experience and who doesn't want that? A Space Place Storage prides ourselves in providing our customers with a truly unique experience that other storage companies just can't give you. We work hard to separate ourselves from the pack and provide our customers with the highest quality customer service along with the lowest prices on self-storage units. This is what our customers have come to expect from us over the past 25 years and we're happy to provide the community with the services that they need.

Accessible and secure

Not only are all of your belongings accessible, but they're secure as well. A Space Place Storage uses a variety of tactics to ensure you and your belongings are safe. First off, we have a gate located at the front of the premises. Here you must enter you unique four digit key code in order to have access to the facility. From there, the premises are well lit at night to make sure you can see where you need to go. We also have a barbed wire fence enclosing the whole premises to ensure that no intruders are able to get in. Lastly, the buildings are also protected with a key pad where a unique four digit code must be entered in order to access it. Of course, there's digital security cameras all around the property to ensure that you're safe as well as you're belongings. These are just some of the ways we here at A Space Place Storage go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy. No matter what you need storage for, you can rest assured knowing that A Space Place Storage is the best choice for self-storage on Long Island!