Go Green!

With the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day upon us, there’s never a better time of year to appreciate the green and wonderful planet that is our home. With partners and supports in 192 countries around the world, Earth Day has snowballed and gathered support since its initial celebration back in 1970. After peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the planet. The Earth Day network is a globally supported network that sponsors many events and promotions. However, being involved does not require being a part of any organization or network. You can be a contributing member of Earth day simply by slightly changing your lifestyle to be more friendly to the planet. Americans throw out four pounds of trash on average per day, which adds up to 1,460 pounds of garbage each year for only one person, and a daily American mountain of 200 million tons. Just by recycling a few items per day you can have an effect in reducing the amount of waste produced. Cleaning products often contain an excess of chlorine and petroleum. By using a green alternative we can stop harmful gases from being released in the ecosystem. Compact fluorescent last ten times longer than regular incandescent bulb and use one fourth of the power. The lights are inexpensive and with the amount of electricity that is used on a daily basis, can make a huge difference. As a top notch storage facility, A Space Place storage wants to put its full support behind Earth Day and conserving the planet. A Space Place offers storage units ranging from small 5 X 5 lockers to large 10 X 30 garages. Our units come with options for drive up access and climate control. We offer promotion and deals every week, and have the lowest prices on quality storage units and moving truck rentals. A Space Place is a proud supported of Earth Day and conservation of the planet. If storage is what you need, and you support the planet, A Space Place storage has got you covered!

Broken Educational System Faces Cutting Tax Exemptions For Veterans

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill in December that gives the school boards the authority to grant tax exemptions to veterans that have served during wartime. But unlike the S.T.A.R. program, in which the state covers the missing tax money, for the veteran’s tax exemption the state is not covering the loss, leaving the financial burden on all the taxpayers.

School boards now must face the decision of helping veterans while hurting taxpayers, or ignoring the veteran wile keeping taxes the same, but they cant do both. Since this veteran tax exemption is not state mandated, but simply handed over to each school board as an option, the state is trying to just wash their hands of all responsibility to help our veterans. By offering a bill with no backbone like this one, the state should make sure that all of its veterans get equal treatment.

If the state does not change the bill soon, many school districts are to stop the tax exemptions due to more and more financial cutbacks every year for our educational system. Governor Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the state can choose to cover the taxes for this bill, or even just roll them into the S.T.A.R. program, but the way that it is now does not promote equality and is not right.

It’s no secret that the New York State educational system has much room for improvement (to put it in the nicest way that I could think of), with school administrators collecting huge salaries and the teachers getting paid a fraction of what the administrators get paid, and the teachers face more cutbacks along with greater micro-management from the State and Federal levels on “how to do their jobs”. School Administrator pay is public information, you can find the New York State information here: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/mgtserv/admincomp/, if you have never researched it before, you should take a look.

Because of how financially “top-heavy” our educational system is, the state should know better than to make this veteran’s tax exemption and option for the school boards. The State of New York needs to decide if it truly wishes to help our veterans or not, but this is only helping certain veterans based on their zip code, and ignoring the rest. This bill is almost as brainless as the one penalizing working-class people who cant afford health insurance.

It’s getting hot out…

Summer is coming – So it’s Time to Store Away Those Winter Goods

Not only must we look to bring out all those goods and furniture items that we stored away for the winter, but we must now start to consider storing items throughout the summer months. Yes, summer is well on its way now and the harsh, cold, snow-filled winter is slowly starting to give way to blossom on the trees, squirrels running around and hedgehogs coming out of hibernation.

It is also that time of the year when we need to look at what items need to be stored away for safe keeping during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Students and pupils that have attended universities and community colleges across America will be shortly going away on the notorious Spring Break extravaganzas. After they return there will be a short semester that will take them through to early July before the Summer Break kicks in and thoughts spring towards all the students and their belongings, and what to do with it all.

There are going to be books, there will be clothes, there will be bikes, rucksacks, CDs, computer equipment, college projects, files, folders, school decorations and Christmas festive bunting. The list just goes on and on and a student can not simply dump all these items on mom and dad. They surely won’t entertain it – but one firm that will is A Space Place in New York that will happily store away all that winter gear until it’s time to return to school or university in September.

Many products fail to survive the burning hot summers that we experience from June through to September; so why not take advantage of A Space Place climate controlled storage? There is more than enough space to stock bottles of win, computer equipment, vintage motor vehicles and other items that really don’t wear well during the intense summer heat.

Items like paintings can become damaged by homes that suffer from high humidity in the summer months, also some antiques can devalue quickly if exposed to damp, hot air. Photos and old books that you want to protect from possible forest fires near your home are safe in climate controlled storage facilities.

The time to start organizing all this is now. The longest day of the year is just a couple of months away and it is now when you should start to make an inventory of your belongings that need to be put away in summer storage. Just remember to leave the sun tan lotion at home!

Huge scientific breakthrough against cancer

Scientific researchers have reported that they have found a drug that has killed every kind of cancerous tumor that is has been tested on. I personally don’t understand why this story is not in more headlines than it is, I guess the masses care more about Justin Bieber and the Kardashians than a cure for cancer. I personally think this is huge so I will do my part and put it in this headline.

To sum it up into simplified terms, this drug works by blocking a protein in the body. This protein is called CD47, and sends a signal to the body’s immune system telling the immune system to not attack these cancerous cells. This drug blocks those signals so the immune system will actually attack the cancer.

The CD47 protein is made from healthy blood cells, but cancer cells produce very high levels of this protein. The high levels of CD47 proteins from the cancer cells pretty much trick the body into not attacking the cancer, so as these cells are blocked, the immune system actually attacks the cancer cells successfully.

The research has only been tested on mice, but these mice have had human cancerous tumors transplanted into them. Different human cancerous tumors that have been transplanted to mice include tumors from the breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver and prostate. In every case, the immune system of the mouse killed the cancer.

The one biggest side effect was that the healthy cells were also attacked by the immune system for a short-term. But since these attacks are only short-term, than the side effects far outweigh the damage done by the cancer. Biologist Irving Weissman of Stanford University School of Medicine conducted this research, and Weissman’s group has recently received a $20 million dollar grant so that the research can move forward from mouse testing to human testing.

House of Representatives Prepares to Sue President Barack Obama

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to back a bill that will expedite congressional lawsuits against our commander and chief if he fails to enforce federal laws. House members claim that the President selectively chooses when to enforce federal law or when to ignore it, house members are now ready to take legal action the next time President Obama chooses to ignore a federal law.

Like all political disagreements, there are at least 2 sides to the story, probably more, but the left side and the right side seem to be the only 2 sides that matter in politics. Regardless, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted 233 to 181 in favor of passing this bill against our President.

Some of the main issues that the house has with the President are his constant changes made to his health-care law, actions that allow young immigrants to stay in America, and his failure to back the federal law banning gay marriage. To me, the gay marriage bill is definitely of the least importance, and the immigrant issues should be dealt with by the Department of Immigration and they should be blamed for all issues related to immigrants.

The President has however dropped the ball on his health care bill that was the main focus of both his campaigns, if the health-care issues do get straightened out, it will be too little too late. I personally have not had health insurance for about 7 years and the many times I have tried to sign up for President Obamas health care, I was given countless error messages, and the one time I got it to go through, I was given a monthly rate way outside my budget.

The Obama administration stated that the bill exceeds the limits of the constitution and that the house can’t simply give themselves additional powers, yet they are the ones that decide what gets passed and what does not. So like most things political, this is another catch 22 of “they can’t do this, but they just did”, but I am however interested to see if President Obama does in fact ever get sued by the GOP, and if he does, will it also be too little too late?

Missing Malaysia Airplane Keeps People Guessing

This story of the missing flight MH370 from Malaysia Airlines holding 239 people continues to be a mystery. There have been several “false alarms” about possible leads, but there is still no solid lead about where this plane is and what happened.

On Sunday one of the search planes spotted a rectangular object in the South China Sea just off Vietnam, that has yet to actually be found but was suspected to be one of the plane’s doors.

One big “false alarm” was on Monday morning when helicopters spotted a floating yellow object believed to be a life raft, but ended up to just be a moss-covered cap of a cable reel. Another one was in the form of an oil slick that was spotted in the Gulf of Thailand, but testing revealed that it was not jet fuel.

As of now, there is no actual evidence or even a solid lead about what happened or where this plane even is. There has been no electric voice recording captured and there was no distress signal sent out from the pilot. This leads people to believe that there was some foul play involved and not just a crash.

The biggest lead implementing foul play is the fact that 2 passengers (seen below) that boarded the flight were traveling with stolen passports, leading some people to believe that this might have been some sort of terrorism, but no terrorist group have taken responsibility.

One more suspicious act involved is that 5 passengers who checked in to the flight never actually got on board and their bags were removed from the flight before its departure.

The facts and findings should be surfacing in the near future and millions of people will be eager to learn exactly what happened and where this plane ended up, but as of now, it is all still as big a mystery as our low prices for storage units.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill has 25th Anniversary

It’s taken a quarter of a century, but the shores of Alaska are finally said to be clean. Most people today only remember the big B.P. oil spill a few years back, but this Exxon oil spill was bad enough that it took 25 years to clean since the big spill on March 24th, 1989.

As per gallons of oil, the Exxon Valdez oil spill was not nearly as big as the B.P. spill, but it still took this long to clean. The Exxon spill polluted an estimated 10.8 million gallons of oil, where as the B.P. oil spill polluted an estimated 210 million gallons. By that math, we might not ever see that spill totally cleaned up in our lifetime.

The B.P. oil spill affected so much of our seafood resources that B.P. paid off full year salaries of fishermen from the Gulf of Mexico, and on top of that, many seafood lovers were stuck paying highly inflated prices due to high demand of clean seafood. Seeing now how long it took Exxon to clean 10.8 million gallons, I can’t even imagine how much damage 210 million gallons can make.

One of the biggest victims of this oil spill from 25 years ago was the Northern Sea Otters; this spill killed about 40% of the 65,000 sea otters that were living in the Prince William Sound and contaminated countless amounts of sea life including food sources. In total, more than 20 different species were hurt by this oil disaster, many landing long-term affects do to the high exposure rate of oil.

Although the Sea Otters of that area are free of oil, so many have died that they have since landed on the protected species list and are now trying to be repopulated again. I believe that there should be much stricter guidelines for these oil companies, because they obviously did not learn from the Exxon Valdez oil spill id B.P. can spill over 200 million gallons of oil with no way to even turn it off. If these companies were more careful, we would have clean waters and low gas prices, but that is obviously not the case.

Boeing X-37 – The Air Force’s secret project

The X-37 is an unnamed spacecraft with an unknown mission that carries no people, and last month this mission passed the 400-day mark and it is still orbiting our planet in outer space. Marks on the side of the craft show that it is a Boeing-made aircraft, (the same company that makes those jumbo 777 air crafts), but this X-37 is in fact a spacecraft that needs no human inside to operate, like a space drone. It also has no time limit at the moment because of solar chargers on the wings that charge lithium batteries inside the spacecraft.

Of course like all secret military missions, the public has many ideas about what the X-37’s secret mission actually is. At this point there is no actual evidence as to what the mission is, so the public is free to let their imaginations run wild. All we know is that this X-37 can orbit space with no pilot on board and it is small enough to fit in one of our bigger storage units.

One of the most popular beliefs of the X-37’s mission is what I believe it is probably doing, that is surveillance. This spacecraft can potentially spy on other countries, with high-powered listening devices and infra-red cameras to see and hear anything from outer space. Witnesses also report that the X-037 was seen lurking over China’s Tiangong-1 space station.

Others believe that this is some sort of weapons test, but specialists believe that this craft is too slow to respond as a weapons craft to any potential crisis we might face, a slow speed craft seems more effective for surveillance to me personally, but this craft could probably modified to be used as a weapons spacecraft, it is still in the early stages of testing.

Whatever this spacecraft is doing, the one thing we know for sure, is that this X-37 is potentially the next big thing in space drones that our air force can expand its surveillance from the sky to outer space, it will be interesting to see just how long this X-37 can continue to orbit in space and if it will encounter any problems, but this is rather exciting and groundbreaking stuff to get to witness.

How To Survive A Fall Through Ice

Sunny days above freezing temperatures after lots of snow are perfect
conditions for people falling through thin ice. So to help, we are
compiling some helpful tips for if this ever happens to help prevent
drowning of hypothermia.

You should always carry a walking stick so you can test the stability of
unsure ice surfaces, it can also help for traction to prevent slipping and
falling. Safety spikes can also be very helpful, you can actually make
your own out of wood pieces with nails through them, the pieces of
wood also floats so keep that in mind if you take an unexpected swim.

You should bring emergency supplies in a small waterproof backpack
(or keep items inside sealed in a bag to keep items dry) and try and
not make backpack too heavy. Items to consider keeping in backpack
should be:
Food and Water
Fire Starter
Change of cloths
Emergency Blanket

If you are going out on a snowmobile, you might want to consider
investing in a floatation suit rather than a snowsuit. Floatation suits
are more expensive, but they could save your life if your snowmobile
breaks through the ice.

When the ice breaks, it usually happens very quickly, so you wont have
much time to react. Fist thing to do when you hear ice breaking is to
take a deep breath and hold it, if you can lean back rather than try and
step back it could help your chances greatly.
If you end up under water, the most important thing to do is find the
hole that you fell through. If there is snow on the ice then the hole will
be darker, if there is no snow on the ice then the hole will be lighter.
There will almost always be contrasting colors.
Once you find the hole in the ice, the most important thing to do is to
stay floating. Floating on your back can help you to better keep your
head out of the water, also focus on your breathing.
Try and find the strongest part of ice to start your climb out of the
water. Try and get majority of your body on the ice and kick your feet
in a swimming motion as you pull yourself out. Once out, roll away
from the hole to retrace your steps and get warm.

Hopefully you never have to deal with this situation, but if you do, you
can be prepared.