How to Choose the Right Unit

Renting your first storage unit can be overwhelming, there are so many options, different types of units, different sizes of units, different unit locations, the list goes on. It’s important to get the unit that is right for your needs. You don’t want load up three quarters of your unit before you realize you need more space and you don’t want to put 3 boxes in a unit that can fit 300. Here’s a list of some things to know when renting your first unit.

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Hazards of Basement Storage

A basement is usually thought of as jungle of boxed up clothes and holiday decorations, many people use their basements for storage because it is easy and out of the way. But, storing certain items in the basement can cause damage, weathering and mildew. Why is this you ask? Well most basements are not made like the rest of the house. To save money most basements are not built with temperature regulation controls and not being able to control the temperature is what leads to mildew. Continue reading


Keep Your Goods Safe from Natural Disasters!

Everyone has precious belongings they wish to protect. There is no need to risk damaging these goods or limiting the amount of space you have available. Leave all your worries behind by considering A Space Place Storage, for all your storage needs!Whether you have antique furniture, family albums, work equipment, or anything else, it’s best to consider the longevity of these belongings. Are you prepared to lose your cherished items in the event of a natural disaster? Continue reading


Clutter May Be Ruining Your Life

Did you know that the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for lost items in their own home? That’s almost 365 hours a year, or half a month! Many people can not find things in their home due to being unorganized and having a cluttered home. Many people think that some clutter in the home is not a big deal but all of the small inconveniences it causes really add up. Continue reading

Comic Books

How to Store Comic Books

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie comes out this Friday and with more and more super-hero and comic book based movies coming out each year, the popularity of comic books is on the rise. Comics offer something for anyone and there’s easy to collect. One of the most important things about collecting comics is storing them the proper way. Comic books, like most paper products, are prone to weathering, ripping, and yellowing of pages. The only way to combat these problems and keep your comics in the best way possible is by storing them correctly.

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