Summer is ending, Prepare for Fall!

With the Fall season quickly approaching, have you given thought as to what you will do with all of your Summer supplies? Your pool will no longer be in use, so why waste anymore time concerning yourself over it. Leave your stuff with us at A Space Place self-storage, and retrieve them when needed!

It’s more than likely you will not be using a good amount of the belongings you needed during the Summer in the Fall.  So keep those surfboards, pool noodles and jet skis secure and locked away until needed. There is no point in losing space you could be saving. Instead of cramping up your home or shed with unneeded stuff , think about storing your precious belongings with us. It’s unlikely you’ll be surfing waves or making barbecue on the grill during the Fall/Winter season, so why not make room for things you will need in the mean time. Your kids will be happier making room for more video games since they will be inside most of the time, so bring that inflatable pool or other outdoor playthings they will not be using over to us.

It’s time to make room in the shed for raking and shoveling tools, instead of tiki lamps and pool cleaning supplies. The winter has it’s own set of goods to consider! Swap out the surfboards for snowboards, and jet skis for snowmobiles. And once the Winter season is over, swap back! There is no need to store everything in one place at the same time; spread everything between your home and your unit to save space. You will begin to appreciate the convenience over time. Never worry about your items until the time comes, everything is secure and under-surveillance 24/7. And if the need to check on your belongings ever arises, always remember we have your back. Access to your unit  is available 24/7 as well!


Becoming a Professional eBay Seller!

When eBay came on to the scene it revolutionized the way commerce could be done. It allowed anyone with a internet connection to sell whatever they wanted to anyone in the world. Today is one of the most visited website around the world and with up to $200,000,000 in goods being sold each day it’s easy to see why. A lot of people even sell things on eBay as their main or only source of income, and eBay rewards those who do.

If you’ve ever sold anything on eBay you know that is incredibly easy and a nice way to earn some extra cash. It can be hard to imagine selling enough to maintain your bills and luxuries but it’s all about doing it right. There’s a lot of research to be done when it comes to making this decision but here’s just a few quick tips that might make you consider trying it out. For an extra push, consider that 1 comic book currently has a bid of over $2,000,000.

Ebay PowerSellers get a lot of benefits. Becoming a PowerSeller is automatic once you sell enough and meet the requirements. Most of the requirements are based around quantity and quality, meaning that you have to sell at least 100 items and $3,000 in merchandise in the past 12 months and you have to have 98% positive feed back in the past 12 months. There are different levels of PowerSellers and the higher you get the better your benefits. Some of the benefits include UPS and USPS deals and discounts for shipping and unpaid item protection. Ebay is even partnered with Marsh Advantage America to offer affordable health care to their PowerSellers.

How can you possible earn enough to support yourself? Well first you have to know your market. Collectibles always sell on eBay, things like books, comics, movie and TV memorabilia are hot items. Electronics are good sellers and even a lot of clothing is sold on eBay, it’s like a digital thrift store! Obviously to make the most profit you’ll want to buy whatever you are selling in bulk if you can. But here’s a tip you might now find everywhere, store your merchandise at a storage facility! If you try to store it in your home you’ll find it will quickly become cluttered, so find a local storage company and store with them. If you live on Long Island or Manhattan come down to A Space Place Storage to get set up with your own eBay selling unit. You’ll have 24/7 access to your unit and you can pick the unit that best suits your needs.

Is anyone out there already a professional (or at least experienced) eBay seller? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


Why Choose Self Storage?

You may be thinking, “I could fit my extra belongings in my attic or basement, why would I ever need to use a self storage company?”. Well, there are many benefits to getting your own storage unit that your home does not have. This article will hopefully show you some great things that self-storage can do for and address any concerns you may have. Continue reading


Back to School Storage

It’s that time of year again for college students, and almost the same for grade school students as well! Back-to-school season is here, which means out with the old and in with the new. There’s plenty of stuff they won’t need for a while that you’ll have to store away. Have you considered where you would be storing these goods?

A storage facility could be the best option for you and your child! Keep everything your college student might need in the future safely locked away in one of our units. They will be missed for several months, but until they return, have you considered what you are going to do with all of that extra space that is now available? Your kids have a lot of belongings, and it’s impossible to take everything into the dormitory. Turn it into a home office, gym, or whatever else you may desire! Simply store their stuff with us while they’re gone and retrieve them whenever you please. There’s plenty of potential for that extra space, so make it your own for a little while as treat to your self.

College students have a lot to bring to their dormitory, but they also have a lot they will leave behind. Such as their old toys, comic books, old bedsheets, or their old computer. If you do not want to throw any of these things out, consider storing them away securely at a self-storage facility. You no longer have to worrying about watching over everything, and your child now has peace of mind knowing all of their belongings are safe. We, at A Space Place storage, have 24/7 security, which many other places do not offer. And to add to this promised protection, we also have a gated community (accessible only through keypad via your personal pin), and units you can secure with a lock.

So come down and store with us! We have rates that fit perfectly your budget, and your first month is on us. Take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late!


How to Choose the Right Unit

Renting your first storage unit can be overwhelming, there are so many options, different types of units, different sizes of units, different unit locations, the list goes on. It’s important to get the unit that is right for your needs. You don’t want load up three quarters of your unit before you realize you need more space and you don’t want to put 3 boxes in a unit that can fit 300. Here’s a list of some things to know when renting your first unit.

Continue reading


Hazards of Basement Storage

A basement is usually thought of as jungle of boxed up clothes and holiday decorations, many people use their basements for storage because it is easy and out of the way. But, storing certain items in the basement can cause damage, weathering and mildew. Why is this you ask? Well most basements are not made like the rest of the house. To save money most basements are not built with temperature regulation controls and not being able to control the temperature is what leads to mildew. Continue reading


Keep Your Goods Safe from Natural Disasters!

Everyone has precious belongings they wish to protect. There is no need to risk damaging these goods or limiting the amount of space you have available. Leave all your worries behind by considering A Space Place Storage, for all your storage needs!Whether you have antique furniture, family albums, work equipment, or anything else, it’s best to consider the longevity of these belongings. Are you prepared to lose your cherished items in the event of a natural disaster? Continue reading


Clutter May Be Ruining Your Life

Did you know that the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for lost items in their own home? That’s almost 365 hours a year, or half a month! Many people can not find things in their home due to being unorganized and having a cluttered home. Many people think that some clutter in the home is not a big deal but all of the small inconveniences it causes really add up. Continue reading