Storing Memories

Nowadays when most people think about storing something like photographs, they tend to think digitally. Some people still have a preference for physically photographs and mementos though. But just like how a computer can crash and delete your photos, physical photographs can be lost due to damage. It’s very important to learn how to properly store your photographs because even something as simple as storing them in a shoe box can damage them.

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Tips for Safely Storing Your Items

There are quite a few things to consider when you get a storage unit. We’ve covered some tips for first time renters recently, but now we’d like to give you some tips on using your unit safely. Even long time renters might pick up a thing or two by reading this!

 1. Organize Your Storage

When it comes to putting your belongings into a storage unit make sure to organize them in a way that makes sense. Most storage unit accidents happen when tenants are searching for belongings they have misplaced. Put the things you’ll be taking out soon or regularly in the front. There’s no point in creating more work for yourself by burying things you’ll need tomorrow under things you probably won’t touch for months.

2. Don’t Play Tetris with Your Belongings

While you want to get the most bang for your buck with your storage unit you don’t want to stack your belongings too much because this creates a danger to you and your items. If you stack your items to high or tightly it will create a problem when you need to access them. Make sure that if you do need to stack your boxes or belongings they are secure and stable. No one is happy when a box avalanche occurs.

3. Read the Rules

Storage Facilities have rules for a reason, they are to keep all of the tenants belongings safe. Typically these rules will be what you can and can not store in a unit. Some things you can’t store are hazardous materials, such as flammable or radioactive materials, and perishable foods. If you’re not sure what you can and can not store make sure to ask someone that works at the facility. Storing unsafe materials in a unit is not only unsafe for your own unit but possibly for the units around you as well. Also be aware many facilities have a Frequently Asked Questions List that can help you get on your way quicker.

 4. Insure your Belongings

While storage facilities do everything that they can to make sure your belongings are safe accidents do happen. Make sure that you know exactly what is in your unit and make sure that you have enough insurance to cover everything. Most facilities require you to have insurance on your unit and a lot of home owner’s insurance policies already cover storage units.

Following these tips is a good start to making sure that your belongings are safe. If you can think of any other tips for storage safety let us know in the comments below!


Dorm Storage

When you’re living far from home, it can be a hassle going back to get the things you left behind. Sometimes the trips can be over 8 hours and it just doesn’t seem worth it. And when it’s not worth it, you might just end up buying the items again. But what if the items are expensive, like a Television set? You might want to pocket that money and invest in something more long term instead.

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Holiday Decorations Storage

Fall is here and that means it’s officially holiday season! Halloween is just around the corner and then it’s Thanksgiving followed by Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s! Of course, along with all of these holidays comes plastic Santas, fake cobwebs, and giant turkey centerpieces. Lots of people have a tendency to go a little crazy when it comes to holiday decorations and it can get overwhelming pretty fast. If you’re someone who covers your lawn with inflatables and plastic lawn ornaments then you might want to consider getting a self storage unit for the off season.

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Clean Garage

Your Extra Garage or Closet

The problem with having a home is the amount of clutter that comes with owning one. When one has a family, a full time job, and other preoccupations taking up a majority of their time, organization doesn’t always make it to the top of the list. The consequence of this neglect is the mess that builds up. When your abode becomes more jungle than home, all it does is add to all of the other stress already place. But how does when avoid this situation when allocated only a finite amount of space?

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Storage for Local Clubs and Teams!

Running a community sports team or club can be tough. A lot goes into it, including figuring out where one can store all of the equipment involved. Keeping everything within your personal home can be a solution for a little while, but all of the space being taken away adds up! Soon you just might find yourself surrounded by baseball bats and football gear while you’re trying to watch TV.

What is the solution for this kind of situation? Why us at  A Space Place storage, for one! We offer low discounted rates, that is affordable for even the tightest of budgets. What do we offer? Self-storage units of all kinds and sizes!

Whether it is storing soccer goals, hockey sticks, church equipment, or whatever else, self-storage is the perfect solution for any organization. Even if your club/team is small or low-budget, we offer affordable small locker type units for your convenience as well. This is perfect for anyone with a light volume of goods to store, and just need an extra closet to help lend a hand. A much better solution than cluttering up your home!

If you’re running an organization of a larger size, we can accommodate you as well! We offer larger units too that are perfect for any need. Not only is the size perfect, but many of these are also drive-up units! This means that you can drive right up to the unit and start the loading/unpacking process with ease. Not only this, but every unit is accessible 24/7 as well! If a team-mate forgot some sort of equipment, or items are missing from a service, have no fear! You can come down and get what you need right away. Especially since we’re local, all this can be done in no time at all.

Have expensive equipment in your venue, such as a sound system? Not a problem, we’ve got your back! Our facility is full equipped with surveillance equipment that will protect your belongings all throughout the day. Everything is also guarded within a gated community that is only accessible via a personal pin, entered into a keypad. Not enough security? Bring your own lock, with a combination only you know! With all of these tactics in place, you’ll have no problem sleeping sound at night knowing everything is fully safe and secure.

How can we make this deal any sweeter? By adding a free month free for your first rental. We work hard in running a trust-worthy, well-run business that tries to satiate all of our customers needs, whatever they might be.



Store Your Merchandise With Us!

Own a small-business or just starting-up? Already well established and need a place to store excess goods? Look no further than A Space Place! We offer self-storage units of many sizes to fit your every need.

Starting a new business or running a business in general can be tough. There are so many factors to consider, that even having one issue alleviated can be a life saver! One of the biggest issues many of these companies run into is finding a place to store their reserve merchandise. You do not have a lot of space to spare at a small business, so it’s important to make the best of what you have. A self-storage unit will hold on to the things you can’t, so you can worry about selling what you have out front first. And when the time comes, you can simply drive right up to your unit and restock as you please.

Have many expensive valuables available at your store? Not a problem! At A Space Place, we have security cameras running 24/7, making sure your precious goods are perfectly secure. Not only that, but we are a gated community only accessible via keypad and personal pin. Still not secure enough? Bring your own lock for added measure! No one other than you will have access to your unit, leaving you with a peace of mind. Not only that, they will be a lot safer from damage as well. If you are selling fragile items such as home decor, leaving them lying around the house can be dangerous, especially if you have kids. You never know when some unfortunate circumstance may come along, knocking everything over, and you out of business. Prevent this from happening, and store with us!

Self-storage is perfect for anyone running a business. Access your unit anytime you desire and leave the worrying to us. We at A Space Place are here to make your business the best it can be!