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We at A Space Place Storage want to keep you up to date with all of the events on our event calendar, so keep checking back for updates on all of our planned auctions and yard sales. When our renters forfeit on multiple payments, we either sell the contents in a “yard sale” style, or simple auction off the entire contents of the storage unit.

When we offer yard sales, you get rock bottom prices on all kinds of valuables, from antiques, furniture, electronics, musical instruments, collectibles and more. Some of these treasures even we don’t know how much they’re really worth, so you could potentially collect treasures for spare change.

When we auction off a unit, you get to bid against other bidders and end up with all the contents of a storage unit (similar to what you see in some reality TV shows about storage auctions). You could potentially get a whole storage unit’s contents for little money spent.

Stories We've Heard

One auction winner found a pristine copy (graded at 9.0) of Action Comics #1 (the 1st appearance of Superman). Now over 75 years old, this is the most expensive comic book in existence, and at the time, no one was even aware that a copy in this good of condition even existed. This copy has since become the only comic book ever to of have sold for over $2 Million dollars.

John paid $1,100 for a storage unit, and apparently found $500,000 worth of gold and silver. The storage unit was filled with a number of rare coins and a few gold and silver bars stored in blue Rubbermaid containers.

Bob purchased 2 storage units for a high price tag of $27,000. That is a very high price for a storage unit, but the contents enclosed were worth over $100,000. The unit was owned by a WWII General and consisted of many rare and collectible items. Included in this unit were documents dating back to the American Civil War (including some items that were actually signed by former U.S. Presidents). Also included in the unit was a cane that belonged to Harry Truman, some rare artwork and other various items (all of historical significance).

Obviously these stories are rare, many times there are storage units that are not worth the bidding price. Like many things in life, the biggest pay out come from a gamble (you cant win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket). Experienced bidders can get a rough idea of how lucrative a unit can be just by looking in from the outside, but there can always be small valuables like jewelry and antiques that can be easily hidden from outside view.

By utilizing our yard sales and our auctions, the customers get some great opportunities to score some real potential treasures, and we get to clear more storage units to rent, so everybody wins with these events. We at A Space Place Storage want to wish you all good luck in your treasure hunt.

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