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Long Island motorcycle enthusiasts love when springtime comes and it's time to take to the road. But they also know that long cold winters and record-breaking snowfalls happen every year. What do you do if you want to enjoy your bike but also keep it safe? Why not get some motorcycle storage! If it's time to find the best Long Island motorcycle storage or drive up storage, come check out our facilities at A Space Place.

"I can fit one of my bikes in a 5 X 10 so its at the ready when I want to swap." - Beau, Northport NY

A Space Place Storage has two convenient locations on Long Island for both motorcycle storage and drive up storage. Our first motorcycle storage facility is located out in Centereach. This facility provides the lowest prices on motorcycle storage options. Out other facility in in Melville, and offers easily accessible convenience from the city for those looking for drive up storage on the Island. But both of our motorcycle storage facilities are easy on the wallet, and offer a clean and safe environment. Long Island motorcycle storage at our drive up storage facilities include safety features such as camera surveillance, personal locks, and electronic gates.

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What To Do Before You Put Your Bike Into Motorcycle Storage...

We've consulted with the experts to give you some helpful hints so that you may have the best experience with your New York motorcycle storage. Many motorcycle shops profit every spring from motorcycle owners' failure to properly prepare their machines for a season of inactivity. So just getting your bike into drive up storage might not be enough to keep it safe. The following list entails items that you should attend to in order of importance, but keep in mind that you will have to perform them in a different order if you choose to do them all:

Motorcycle storage tips for pre-storage preparation:

* Drain the Carb(s)
* Prevent Fuel-Tank Corrosion by filling the tank
* Connect a Battery Minder or a Battery Tender
* Finish Care - Clean your bike carefully before storing it
* Coddle Your Engine - Drain the old oil (and the contaminants in it), protect the cylinders and once the engine is shut off and properly protected from corrosion, resist the urge to start it, though turning it over manually to circulate oil is worthwhile.
* Be Sure Old Brake Fluid Gets Changed
* Check Your Coolant
* Replace the Lubricants in Any Moving Part

These tips and more are suggested to make sure your bike is correctly prepped for potentially a whole season in motorcycle storage. Our motorcycle storage units can protect your bike from the elements in a secure drive up storage unit, but it can't maintain an upkeep on its maintenance for you.

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Drive Up Storage: Why Is It So Helpful?

We keep on referencing a particular type of unit: drive up storage. But why drive up storage? Why do we keep referencing it? Because drive up storage is always ground floor and vehicle accessible. You can pull your bike right in and out of drive up storage whenever you need. This also means drive up storage is great for repairs, as you can bring all your tools and parts in another vehicle and back it right up to your unit. It also means you can take your motorcycle out of motorcycle storage whenever there happens to be a nice day. This drive up storage our top option in convenience.

You can see why drive up storage for motorcycle storage is such a popular option. Call us today to find out more about drive up storage, or our other great motorcycle storage options!

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