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Long Island vehicle storage offers some of the top options for storing your vehicle. Whether it is the winter months and the snowy roads with cold weather, or the warm summer months, Long Island vehicle storage has got you covered. With an array of different sizes for our units, we can find the Long Island vehicle storage unit that is right for you. It doesn't matter what size your vehicle is; from motorcycles to vans, our Long Island vehicle storage can fit it all! We also make sure that we offer affordable plans on our Long Island vehicle storage to ensure that you only store for the time period that you feel is right for you. You can use our Long Island vehicle storage year round, or simply on a short term basis. Whatever you need! Since your vehicle is very important to us and you, we make sure our Long Island vehicle storage units are always secure. Our gate is only accessible via your own personal code, and our Long Island vehicle storage storage units are always under surveillance. And don't worry, these securities come with the same basic Long Island vehicle storage prices. And that's perfect for you, as Long Island vehicle storage, drive up storage and mini self storage all come at the cheapest prices around! We offer drive up storage options to make your life easier with Long Island vehicle storage. We also offer mini self storage for anyone who thinks they might need a little extra room with accessories in their vehicles. Keep on reading to find out more about Long Island vehicle storage, and how our Long Island vehicle storage options, along with drive up storage and mini self storage, can help you!

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"I have a 67' Mustang fastback that is going to be a project car. My 10 X 20 let's me clear up space in the garage until I'm ready." - Will, Hauppage

Drive Up storage
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Our drive up storage can be very useful. Even beyond using it as Long Island vehicle storage, there are other functions it can serve as well. Do you need to store heavy items? Can't carry them far? You won't have to with drive up storage! Just pull on up to your drive up storage unit and slide your stuff right in. And it can all fit. Put old furniture or appliances in drive up storage, and get it out of the way! Drive up storage can make your life less cluttered. And drive up storage will save you some of the struggles associated with normal storage. With drive up storage, you can simply pull right in to your drive up storage unit and save yourself the hassle of hauling goods around! And remember, as with Long Island vehicle storage and mini self storage, drive up storage is always cheap!

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"I store my son's car in a 10 X 20 unit while he is on call with the marines. It's cheap and ensures his car is in good condition and ready when he returns." - Al, Bethpage NY

Mini Self Storage

Our mini self storage options are useful as well. You may not be able to store a car in mini self storage, but that's not its purpose. Many use mini self storage for things associated with cars. Keep your car stereo securely tucked away in our mini self storage lockers! Or how about using mini self storage to store extra parts for your car? As you can see, mini self storage can be very useful! You can always use mini self storage for things that aren't vehicle related, as well. Mini self storage can be used for important documents or items, or anything else. Use drive up storage when you want to keep smaller items safe. Mini self storage can help put your mind at complete ease. And remember, mini self storage comes just as cheap as Long Island vehicle storage or drive up storage. Simply call on up to learn more about mini self storage. Or you can scroll up and go to our mini self storage page to learn more about how to use your drive up storage unit.

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